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Pacman Troubleshooting

Troubleshoot your Pacman / Ms Pacman board by picture.
103 photos of problems and solutions.
(Allow several seconds to load)

Board Repair

GLS1 Electronics

Technical Information

Mowerman - Pacman page

Mikes Arcade

GLS1 Electronics


Davids Arcade

Jim Skilskyj's repair info

Bob Roberts - hum bar info




Pac Plus manual (.pdf)

Multipac manual (.pdf)

Jr. Pacman manual (.pdf)

Piranha manual (.pdf)

Puckman Manual (.pdf)

Pacman troubleshoot part1(.pdf)

Mikes Arcade
Pacman manual
Ms. Pacman manual
Pacman Troubleshoot part2

Other Pacman Links

KLOV - Killer List of Videogames



Jerry Lawrence - Software Info

Sil's page - ROMs & Editors